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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ahh My Scene of Scenes

I have been wanting to get to this point in my film since I started. This is not only over half way through the film it is also my favorite acting scene. When I had done my original student film version of this I always felt this scene never quite had the guts in it that was needed. Not only was the acting not strong enough but I cut away to a reaction shot from the little guy mid way through this great dialog. My staging was not as appealing and left the big guy in profile too much. So when I approached this scene in my new storyboard I fixed the staging and also gave myself some space at the head and tail to completely give the big guy his chance to act.
Generally I have not done a film in chronological order but decided to do it that way this time to help keep the continuity right. It has helped me notice when I need to lengthen scenes or change start and end poses. Because of that I have had to wait before I got to this juicy acting scene.
I find that I always tend to have certain scenes that I look forward to doing. I think it's a healthy way to approach making a film because if I'm not thrilled with any of my film then how can I expect anyone else to be. I have several other scenes throughout the film that I am anticipating and some that I've already done. Having this type of excitement for my film I believe will show on the screen.
Feel free to get a better look at storyboard for this scene by clicking on the image above and viewing the larger one.