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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

T. Hee design instructions

Here is a rare opportunity to get some design instructions from T.Hee
He was one of my teachers when I attended Cal Arts and on one particular day in my freshman year he sat with me and did these sketches and writings in my sketchbook. These are basic design concepts but so simply illustrated through his unique style.
Since that day I have always looked at all of my character design and staging with these concepts in mind.
T. was one of those people who could place the pen on the paper and practically do the entire drawing without lifting the pen. He definitely saw the image on the page and simply traced it. It was not only an inspiration to get these instructions but a joy to watch him sketch them. So click on the images to see these in better detail and enjoy. Thanks T.!

Along the top of the above image are various shapes to consider when designing. Directly below are how those shapes are represented in the third dimension.

On the right is a nice example on using dynamic and passive areas within a complete image. Notice how he is able to draw you eye right to their faces and the argument that is going on.

T. was a master of character and caricature which can be seen through this last piece (above left). He was illustrating how by taking the same character and altering the angles you can alter his attitude.