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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Classic in Digital

This is the pencil test for the short clip I mentioned in my previous post. My goal was to make it look and animate as much like a classic cartoon as possible. It was done entirely paperless using various digital tools.

I first did a storyboard which I created an animatic from using Toonboom Storyboard Pro. Then I did the background layouts in Mirage to have a true pencil like feel. I took those into Toonboom Digital Pro and created the rough animation which you see at the top of this post. Then I went back to Mirage to paint the backgrounds which you can see one in my previous post. I did the cleanup, Ink and Paint, and compositing in Toonboom Digital Pro. You can view the completed Fox and Bird clip in color by going to my website and looking in my current work.


Blogger David said...

Nice test film . That's certainly a great way to get the hang of using something new.

I confess that I have had the Personal Learning edition of ToonBoom Digital Pro downloaded on my computer for a while now, but haven't made much time to really dig in and learn it to the point where I'm comfortable.

Were there any advantages to working partially in Mirage and partially in Toonboom ?

I've always liked the Mirage interface and drawing tools (including your "Real Pencils" set ) and it feels pretty good for both rough animating and painting . I suppose I'd be interested in ToonBoom Digital Pro more if the price weren't so steep for a full license. But at least they do make a Personal Learning Edition available. (now I just have to find the time to learn yet another software ! My brain hurts.)

Does ToonBoom offer an advantage in animating (the Xsheet ? ) that is better than Mirage ?

I suppose I really should get busy and learn ToonBoom because it seems to be "winning" the market share as THE program for 2D paperless animation . (Disney is using it , Nelvana uses it, many smaller studios, formerly Flash studios are switching to ToonBoom so I hear).

How's your other film going ? (the one you started with Mirage and the tablet pc) Looking forward to seeing that when it's finished. If you ever get down here to Orlando give me a call , I'd love to get together for lunch or something and catch up.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Rusty Mills said...

The x-sheet in ToonBoom makes it very nice for animating. Working in vectors does make it more difficult to get a true pencil look and feel. It has the ability to have textures to your line giving more of the pencil look. I also really like the camera in ToonBoom. It's a true 3D camera and easy to work with. the advantages of working partially in Mirage and Partially in Toonboom is I wanted backgrounds that looked like classic painted BG's and Toonboom doesn't allow that type of painting simply due to the fact that the drawing tools are all vector.
I'm starting to look at the cut-out animation tools which are much like the flash type of look. However there Toonboom gives you full IK control over your characters so it's kind of a 2 1/2 D sort of workflow.
My other film is coming along. I'm getting close to having all the rough animation done. I'm still doing that entire film in Mirage because I don't ever like to switch to a new workflow in the middle of a project.
If I'm ever down there I certainly will get in contact with you and get together.

4:54 PM  

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