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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jump Start

I've decided to jump into the world of Blogging. Hey if Eddie Fitzgerald can do it I figure I can too. I have several reasons for doing this blog but first about the name. The term Plausible Impossible is often used to describe certain abilities in animation. For example the idea that a character will hesitate in mid air until he realizes there's nothing below them and then fall. Walt Disney even did an episode of "the Wonderful world of Disney" built around this term. So because it describes so many things I do it felt right.
Now some of what you'll see here on my blog:

First I've been working on my own paperless 2D film as I ride to and from work on the train. Everything is being done on my Tablet PC. I've gotten far enough into it that I thought it might be interesting for others to see my progress. So periodically I will post some images and status of my film named "Gotcha Covered". It is a remake of one of my student films I did while at CalArts. Like most animators I looked back at the old film and saw how I could make it better. The story I thought was good and funny but I wanted to put back in some pieces I had to leave out when trying to make the end of the year deadline at school. I also felt some of the staging, acting, and timing could be better. So I started from scratch and redesigned, reboarded, re-recorded it and am now reanimating it.

Second I do plein air painting with friends of mine and will be posting some of that work. I hope it will help me paint more. My preferred medium is oil on canvas. I also tend to like the "widescreen" (can you tell I work in the motion picture industry) format. I also tend to like to paint larger but recently have worked on smaller canvases in an attempt to not get lost in the detail.

And finally I plan on posting thoughts and artwork I have collected over the years. Some will be mine some will be by friends and some will be by artists who helped define their genre, both fine art and animation art. I plan to post at least once a week and hopefully more. So I hope you'll want to spend some of your bandwidth here on occasion.


Blogger Richtoon said...

Nice Blog!! I look forward to seeing the WIPs on your film.

A fellow Mirage user,


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