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Rusty works in the animation industry doing Storyboards, Timing, Animation and Directing. Recently he has worked at Disney TV Animation and Universal Animation Studios. He's best known for his Directing and Producing for Warner Bros. on "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain".

Monday, February 26, 2007

Never Seen Animation

I've mentioned before that there are various things I've animated on that never saw the light of day. Here is a simple scene for a series called "BugsBurg" that I animated while working at Filmation in the late 80's. Filmation was bought during the time we were working on this show and shut down in a single day. They literally called all the animators into a conference room and said go home. There was this and another series called "Bravo" that we were working on at the same time. Both had nice squashy-stretchy characters and were fun to animate on.

I'm glad I saved some of these animations and can share them with you now. some of these scenes are just story continuity scenes that were just meant to help tell the story. Sometimes these scene pose little in way of acting but can be fun action. As I look at them now I like the simplicity of the action which was a direct result of having to be economical in the animation. This particular scene is a good example of timing in drawing. What is meant by that is that even if this scene was played all on twos the animation of his spin seems faster simply because of how it was drawn. I'm amazed at how little you see blurred or multi-image drawings in animation these days. And when I have worked as a timer on various series we have to direct the animator to animate it with multiple images.