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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Criticize Yourself

Well, I have completed 10 scenes of my film in rough animation. As nice as it is to move on I find I constantly have to look back over my work with a critical eye. This is a constant struggle. Because it's always easy to find fault with your own work while at the same time not wanting to redo what you've already completed. I realize I will have many more chances to refine these scenes but at this point I need to be sure it's flowing as a film and inside individual scenes I need to be sure the acting is coming across. As I completed this 10th scene I felt that even though the hand action is working it needed a little more of the frantic feel that the dialog has. It's a short line in which he says "No, no, no...don't say it" very quickly. I knew the facial expression couldn't change too drastically in order to make it read. So I looked at the hands and saw that I could push the action further.
In order to be sure I didn't lose the original I animated the hands on a new layer then once I was satisfied I erased the old hands and merged the new ones into the same layer as the rest of the character. I ended up doing a few more tweaks beyond this that helped with the overlap of action even more.
I like the way the actions overlap even though the entire character flows as one. With the overlap in timing it helps a bit with the frantic nature of the scene. You can watch the scene here


Blogger David said...

Rusty, thanks for this and your other posts showing your process of making your film. I've been showing everyone at work your rough tests done with Mirage. The company is pushing us to go with Flash for the next production, so we're all busy learning Flash, but all of the trad. artists prefer Mirage.

Take a little look at my blog to see what we did with one of the Cintiqs at work:

10:04 PM  

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