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Friday, July 28, 2006

Note: listen to self!

As I began to work on my next scene I was looking forward to it so much that I had all these ideas in my head. In my excitement I decide I would just jump straight into animating. After all I had all the ideas already in my head so it's got to work. Sure I have always stated that it's a good idea to do thumbnails first but after all I'm an experienced animator and don't need to do that, right?
(buzzer goes off here)
Well, this proved that no matter what, you need to listen to your own words of wisdom. I spent a couple days agonizing over this scene only to watch it over and over and realize it didn't work. Though the action worked it was so over acted and complicated even I would watch the scene and wonder what was truly going on.
I grinded my gears into reverse and spent the next train ride thumbnailing out the scene. Wow, look at how much better these thumbnails are then anything I did in the scene. And I can tell what's happening. Now the thought is clear in my head. I not only have an idea of where it's going but I have a visual reference of it to. The basic poses have now been worked out. His change of attitude is clear.
Now that I've begun the animation again the drawings are better and the line is more confident. Believe me, animation has not begun before you've worked it out in thumbnails. And that's the bottom line!


Blogger jbiziou said...

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Blogger jbiziou said...

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Blogger jbiziou said...

Haha,, thats great,

you know it is good to know that some one with your experiance still gets down to the thumbnails and keeps good humor about them selves. I remember years ago I was working at DNA doing animation on Jimmy Neutron and a couple of our Lead animators who had been in the industry for like 15 years were always getting on people to do thumbnails. There were a lot of fresh people there who had not worked on any thing before, it was a great opportunity for many people, my self included. Our Leads had come from a strong 2d background and it showed big time, their animation was great, and they would sometimes work it all out on their light table first then translate that over to 3d.
ANy way,,,,, my point, I'm still relitively young in animation, perhaps 7 years now, but I try to thumbnail all the time. I still get that " Oh I can just do it" then spend days trying to fix all the wierdness because of my poor all good. at least I learn from it.
Thanks for sharing Rusty :)
your stuff is great and inspiring to read your posts

( spacecat

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Blogger Rusty Mills said...

Yes we're all human but often think we are imortal and don't need to do the "human" thing and plan it out.
Thanks for sharing your story

2:00 PM  

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