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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greedy as Daffy Duck

I've been reading so much about the Summer box office lately that I finally had to write my commentary about how greedy studios are getting. Sure it was pretty funny when Daffy Duck was claiming all the riches for himself in "Ali Baba Bunny" but that was because he brought out that inner greed we all have inside us. But these days studios greed for more and more money is only rivaled by the oil companies. I can't believe all the stories I'm reading about how Spiderman 3 dropped 62% in box office take in it's second weekend. I don't know maybe it's just me but I think most anyone should be happy with making $60 million in the second weekend regardless if it was a drop or not. Has anyone ever considered that since it made so much in the first weekend most of the people who wanted to see it saw it then? I mean come on people let's have a reality check here. So many naysayers are claiming that Spiderman 3 brought down the rest of the box office with it...WHAT? I'm sorry but I don't know of anyone who thinks to themselves, "since fewer people are going to see that blockbuster movie this weekend I'm not going to go to the movies a all". Give me a break. Sure, I like the next person understand the need for movie to make a profit but the one thing studios seem to miss so often is the notion that keeping your budget under control in the first place will result in more profits at the box office. I also know that you have to spend money to make money. Believe me I've dealt with productions that had high budgets and even went over budget but there are ways to plan the production in the first place so they will stay closer to the original budget. Here are some sure fire ways to do that.
1. Let the creative people do their job and quit trying to second guess them.
2. Involve the creative heads (directors, producers) in creating the budget.
3. Design the production around the budget.
4. Hone your story before you begin production.
5. Coordinate so no one is sitting around.
6. Make sure everyone in the production knows that throwing up a red flag because of a problem will not cost them their job.
7. Lastly keep salaries reasonable but not undercut.

Sure there are other things that can help but from what I've observed these always work well. So let's stop attaching box office intake to whether a film is good or not and just rejoice when it does do well. It seems to me that it is true that whenever someone is on top there's always someone else who wants to drag them down. And Studios, if you can't be happy with anything less than $100 million perhaps that money should be shared with the rest of us who would like to be making a film for millions and you can only get what the picture makes once it hits that magical mark.

Oh, and as for Spiderman 3 I haven't seen it yet so I have no comment about how good or bad the film is.


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