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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Getting in the Groove

As I continue to get into the freelance groove I will share with you two items. First this drawing of a Parrot named Socrates who was one of the characters for a show I pitched together with a couple writers (Charlie Howell and Grant Moran) while still at Warner Bros. The show was about 3 animals, a cat, a dog, and a bird, who were left abandoned at their home when the owners were abducted by aliens. They had to make it seem like humans still lived there to keep from being taken by animal control.
I had wanted to have this brush pen style to give it a unique look. But alas the show was not picked up. The Backgrounds had a nice textured style to them. I will put those in a later post I have planned about background painting.

The second thing to share goes along with the post about animating groups as a single shape. It was requested that I share the animation with the dogs overlaid on top of the shape to further illustrate the method. Remember that these dogs appear in silhouette in the final scene. They also move across the scene and are much smaller in the frame. Often I find that if I animated a cycle larger then reduce it down for the final scene it will have a better feel. Today it's much easier to do this in the digital medium.
Click here to view the animation


Blogger jbiziou said...

Very cool,

thanks Rusty for posting your dog animation, I find it interesting how you used the overall shape to place the 3 dogs and got them to work together like that, very fluid. I need to try that approach out sometime, I would have not thought about trying it that way, very very cool :) cheers!!!


12:58 PM  
Blogger Rusty Mills said...

Well I can't take credit for it. I got the idea from Frank and Ollie. It's little tid-bits like this that made all those early animators the masters they were.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Valeriannah said...

Great Parrot Rusty!
I have a parrot who sits on my shoulder most of the time while I'm working in Mirage. She likes to watch the anims in progress.

8:43 PM  

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